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After joining the two Chamber groups, Kammerensemble Classic der Deutschen Oper Berlin (founded in 1992) and the Kammerensemble modern der Deutschen Oper Berlin (founded in 2004), the BERLIN OPERA CHAMBER ORCHESTRA has been created in the beginning of 2013.

Through the combination of both Ensembles as well as the addition of musicians from other Berlin Orchestras gives the possibility of different repertoire.

The large spectrum of this orchestra allows them the full palate of music from Baroque to modern music. They will concentrate in rediscovering forgotten composers from Europe as well as giving light to the seldom played Spanish modern music.

The core of the repertoire will be Opera and Zarzuelas literature, such as Overtures, Concert arias, and other works with soloists.

The Kammerensemble Classic has already two CD recordings with a variety of Arias and Overtures.  “Rare Verdi” (Grammy Award Nominated)  und „Drei Dichter“  were produced by MSM London.

The musical director and conductor of BOCO is Martín Baeza-Rubio.

Helge Bartholomäus and Jochen Hoffmann contribute to making the program of these unknown works.